Competition Engineering

Henry Ford did not invent the Automobile Production Line, Ransom E. Olds did. Henry just put it to work.

If Tiger Woods had been the spokesperson for Oldsmobile, and not Buick, Buick would be gone, and Oldsmobile would still be here.

The Original COMPETITION ENGINEERING is a contract research and development company that was started in 1954 as an offshoot of the J.S. Inskip-Brewster Body Company of New York, NY . and the Charles Wear Automotive Company of Boston, MA . Inskip Motors- Brewster Body Company was the U.S. manufacturer of Rolls-Royce automobiles from 1920 to 1938. COMPETITION ENGINEERING began as a race prep shop for imported sports cars. These included MG, Austin , Lotus, Healy, Aston Martin, Formula and Sports Racing cars. Winning regional, national, and international driver’s and constructor’s championships with people like Sir Stirling Moss, Phil Hill, David Fenton, Jim Clark, Mark Donohue and other noted sports car drivers. COMPETITION ENGINEERING became one of the best-known race shops in the Northeast Atlantic states in the early 1950s through the 1970s. COMPETITION ENGINEERING is also the oldest performance automotive consulting firm in the U.S. As a sideline of building race cars, the company started building Go-Karts and kart tracks about 1958 and still does to this day. more

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"Start Racing With Us - Stay Racing With Us!"

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